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Seamless steel pipe industry to stand up

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Seamless steel pipe industry to stand up
* 来源 : Hebei Shengtian group Seamless Steel Pipe Company Limited * 作者 : Shengtian group * 发表时间 : 2015-06-13 * 浏览 : 491
   March 31, published on the website of the national development and Reform Commission data show that in the first two months of this year, the national crude steel output increased growth of 1.7% and 8.9 percent year-on-year growth slowdown, steel production increased by 4.9%, slow down 9.3 percentage points.
   In the production slowdown, prices continue to decline, 20# seamless steel pipe industry profitability continues to deteriorate. National Bureau of statistics released data show that two months ago, ferrous metal smelting and rolling processing industry a total profit of only 103.4 billion yuan, down 26.1%, and the main business income of the 10986.1_yi billion yuan formed a huge contrast.
   In fact, 20# seamless steel pipe industry to surrender such transcripts, not surprising. On the one hand, the first two months of this year, the Spring Festival holiday factors, the start rate is low, the market demand slowdown, 20# seamless steel pipe industry market is naturally difficult to pick up. On the other hand, overcapacity has become shrouded in the 20# seamless steel tube head of the haze. Ministry of industry raw materials division released the 2013 20# seamless steel pipe industrial economic operation situation ", the report shows that China's existing steelmaking capacity for nearly 10 million tons, capacity utilization is only 72%, significantly lower than the normal level.
   In addition, due to China's iron ore resources external dependence degree is high, resulting in the 20# seamless steel tube industry of international iron ore trade price is on the high side, production costs rise and other issues, "Crazy Stone" has become a pressure in China 20# seamless steel tube industry shoulders the heavy burden.
   The comprehensive effect of these unfavorable factors, 20# seamless steel tube industry to "salted fish" is not easy. At present, there are two ways to get more common identity, one is firmly resolve excess capacity, through Yajian capacity, reduce market supply and promote the market balance of supply and demand; another train of thought is, guide enterprises to rely on scientific and technological innovation, research and development of high-end products, improve product value-added and walking competition route of alienation.
   In theory, these two ideas are the important direction of solving the problem of the seamless steel pipe industry in 20#. But the problem is that in the concrete implementation of these two ideas are all looks beautiful, but actually faced many problems. For example, some places in pursuit of GDP impulse, to resolve the excess production capacity, lack of motivation, even sell a ton of 20# seamless steel pipe, earn money enough to buy a popsicle companies still open enough horsepower production. And in the research and development of high-end products, due to the difficult to break through the key technology, more and more enterprises began to focus on to repeat R & D products of other enterprises, resulting in a new round of competition in the homogenization.
   Despite all the grim situation, 20# seamless steel pipe industry days still have to. The key point is still to resolve the overcapacity. 2012, China's 20# seamless steel pipe capacity utilization rate of 72%, 2013, capacity utilization has not been promoted. This shows that in a certain extent, the work to resolve the overcapacity in almost standstill". At present, to resolve the overcapacity voice is increasingly high, the policy of the tightening hoop also read more closely. 20# seamless steel tube industry can not listen to any of the. In the process, both to play a decisive role in the allocation of the market in the allocation of resources, so that the market has decided to lag behind capacity to overcapacity. At the same time, we must play the role of good government, the "visible hand" of the hand when have shot, don't in order to narrow sectional interests, missed the 20# seamless steel tube industry transformation and upgrading of a good time.
   In addition, in accelerating the development of iron ore planning, reducing the degree of dependence on foreign iron ore, improve iron ore overseas negotiations discourse, etc., 20# seamless steel pipe industry should also have targeted force.