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Problems of seamless steel tube plant and enterprise

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Problems of seamless steel tube plant and enterprise
* 来源 : Hebei Shengtian group Seamless Steel Pipe Company Limited * 作者 : Shengtian group * 发表时间 : 2015-06-13 * 浏览 : 595

   Seamless steel pipe plant, domestic steel market prices rebound continue to fall, basically in the unilateral down state, price wave down the probe, why the recent steel price will plunge it? I think the main reasons are: one is hot and rainy, manufacturing off-season, market demand atrophy, turnover in the doldrums to the stable operation of the price support. Two is the output, inventory is too high, the contradiction between supply and demand, the market pressure increases. Three is the mentality of the traders pessimistic, the phenomenon of panic sales again appear again. Four is the consolidation of the national financial bill market further increase the financial pressure on the steel trade and industry, seamless steel pipe factory chain has been at the brink of collapse.
    When China's macro economic policy trend in "steady growth", the entity via regular Entertainment City Economic under the pressure of the economic downturn is mentioned more important position, because of this, the economic entity and the development of small and medium-sized enterprises to "steady growth" will be particularly evident. Data show that in July HSBC China manufacturing PMI jumped to five month high, mild improvement in manufacturing activity. This means that the policy in the early onset, signs of bottoming stabilize the real economy presents. At the same time, the industrial structure adjustment in the real economy is still in the throes of, thus to bring the financing difficulties, personnel employment, technological innovation and industry pattern reorganization, will be each seamless steel pipe plant and enterprise will inevitably face the problem.
    Hebei Shengtian group seamless steel tube Co., Ltd. the main products are: in low pressure boiler seamless steel pipe, oil casing with seamless steel tube, ship with seamless steel pipe, seamless steel pipe conveying fluid, petroleum cracking with seamless steel tube, chemical fertilizer equipment with seamless steel tube, seamless steel tube structure, hollow pumping rod with seamless steel tubes and other eight series. According to GB.ASTM.API5L.API5CT..DIN.JIS. and other standards of production 10mm-820mm, wall thickness 1.5mm-30mm seamless steel tube. Products are sold to the country and exported to Southeast Asia. Middle East.. In the domestic and foreign markets enjoy a high reputation.
    The company also owns the intact elbow. Tee. Different diameter pipe production line. Cold forming. Hot extrusion. Machining. Forging. Forging, heat treatment, such as advanced technology. Production of carbon steel. Alloy steel. Stainless steel of various specifications, such as the elbow. Flange. Tee. Cap. Bend. Different diameter pipe. Socket series of high pressure industrial fittings. Chemical, metallographic analysis, physical experiments, inspection equipment and means of nondestructive testing, and strong technical force.