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Basic knowledge of steel pipe materials

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Basic knowledge of steel pipe materials
* 来源 : Hebei Shengtian group Seamless Steel Pipe Company Limited * 作者 : Shengtian group * 发表时间 : 2015-06-12 * 浏览 : 503

    Seamless steel pipe seamless steel pipe Co., Ltd, Hebei Shengtian group is a hollow section, peripheral joints of the steel strip. The pipe has a hollow section, and is used for conveying fluid.. Compared to such as steel pipe and solid bar of steel, in the same flexural torsional strength, the weight is light, is a kind of economic section steel, widely used in the manufacture of structural parts and mechanical parts. Steel pipe manufacturing annular parts, can improve the material utilization rate, simplify the manufacturing process, material saving and working hours, such as rolling bearing ferrule, Jack sets etc., has been widely made of steel pipe.


    What group of steel pipes according to the cross-sectional area of the different shape can be divided into circular pipes and fittings. Because of the equal circumference of the circumference, the circular area is the largest, and the circular tube can transport more fluid. In addition, the ring cross section in the internal or external radial pressure, the force is uniform, therefore, the vast majority of pipe is round tube. From the two international and domestic market, the existing production capacity of Shengtian group seamless steel tube have been greater than demand.